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IT-Servicemontører til Gazellevirksomhed

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Herning Station – er åbnet

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Adibus har ansat Robert Glyn Williams som udvikler

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  • infotainment


    Passengers want to be informed and have access to entertainment during their journey.

    adibus delivers a complete infotainment system, that can keep passengers up to date with news, traffic information, with the possible addition of advertisements via the screens on the buses.
    Click here to read more about Infortainment.
  • wireless internet


    Passengers want to be online during their journey
    Stability is the key word in the successful delivery of Wi-Fi Internet to passengers.

    Adibus delivers a complete solution, which lives up to the need for a secure and stabile connection. The Internet solution works within the parameters of the present anti-terror laws. Click here and read more about Internet on the move.
  • real time information


    “This bus is running three minutes behind schedule and the expected time of arrival at the next stop is 12.03”

    Passengers need for up to date transport information is catered for with adibusPosition+.
    The system was developed in cooperation with and transport companies.
    Click here and read more about our real time information information system
  • bus-stop announcements


    “The next stop is Richmond Avenue”.

    adibus offers a complete bus-stop announcement system, either via a visual cue on the screens or via audible announcements, which can also inform passengers about transit options.
    Click here to read more about our bus-stop announcements
  • Passenger counting system


    No more manual counting of passengers...

    adibus delivers a completely automated solution, which gives the transport provider or tour operator a complete visual overview of all passenger exits and entrance stats, right down to each individual bus-stop level.
    Click here to read more about the passenger counting system.
  • The Complete tourist system

    adibusTourist is your complete electronic travel-guide

    “On the left hand side of the bus, you can see The Palace of Westminster, it was built in...”

    Our GPS integrated system allows for a continual real time information update of the on-screen content in relation to the position of the bus. It constitutes a fantastic extra service for all holidaymakers. Click here to read more about adibusTourist
  • station information


    adibus delivers an individually tailored stand and screen solution for stations providing traffic and real time information

    Click hereto read more about station information.
  • lanemanagement


    AdibusLaneManagement helps to prioritise, to post signs and to manage buses at stations, where several buses will share the same lanes.

    Click hereto read more about lanemanagement.
  • security


    adibusProtect provides the optimum security for passengers and drivers.

    Click here to read more about security.
  • ECO Drive


    The system will create a marked reduction of the costs and will benefit the environment.

    The system will create a marked reduction of the costs and will benefit the environment.
    Click here to read more about ECO Drive.